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strategic facilitation

Strategic facilitation is employed when organizations need to develop long-term plans, set goals, or align their teams around a shared vision. This type of facilitation is more forward-looking and involves guiding discussions that shape the organization's future direction. It is beneficial for strategic planning sessions, visioning workshops, and setting organizational priorities.

During the strategic facilitation process, our facilitators undertake several activities to guide the group in developing and aligning on long-term goals and strategies:

  • Understanding your Organization's Context 

  • Setting the Agenda 

  • Creating a Collaborative Environment

  • Guiding Strategic Discussions 

  • Building Consensus 

  • Developing Action Plans

  • Documenting and Communicating 

  • Follow-Up and Support 

Throughout the strategic facilitation process, the facilitator's role is to guide the group in thinking long-term, aligning on strategic goals, and developing actionable plans to drive the organization forward.

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