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my education

Saint Joseph’s University –

Organizational Dynamics & Leadership, M.S.


Chestnut Hill College –

Business Communication, B. S.

LaSalle University -

Certificate in Non-Profit Management

our founder

With over two decades of diverse experience, including 15 years in city government, 7 years as an IT Director, five years in non-profit management, and significant time spent volunteering and working with religious organizations, Tobey has developed a deep understanding of organizations' unique challenges and opportunities. Her passion for helping others and her desire to make a meaningful impact led her to found Hall Strategic Partners.


Tobey's journey through various sectors has equipped her with a broad skill set, including program development, strategic planning, performance benchmarking, data analytics, workforce development, and leadership coaching. She recognized that many organizations, especially non-profits, struggle to navigate the complexities of the modern world and often need guidance to achieve their goals and sustain their missions.

Hall Strategic Partners was born out of Tobey's commitment to assisting organizations in realizing their potential and securing their futures. By leveraging her expertise, she aims to help non-profit organizations and their leaders develop strategic partnerships, engage with their communities, and implement effective strategies to thrive in an ever-changing landscape. Her vision for Hall Strategic Partners is to catalyze positive change, empowering organizations to achieve their preferred futures through collaboration, innovation, and strategic thinking.

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